From future vision to future plan

AMDAX is located in the financial heart of Amsterdam, at Beursplein 5. We believe in a world before and a world after the advent of bitcoin in 2009. It marks the start of a transition in which the financial market becomes more independent and efficient, in an era of major socio-economic shifts. Bitcoin is the common thread here, not least as a hedge against a loss of wealth. At AMDAX, the old and new worlds of finance come together. We have made access to bitcoin and other digital assets barrier-free. At With AMDAX, you invest in the future, with products and services you already know, in an extremely secure environment, and with a comitted focus to your assets.

From future vision to future plan

Our mission

Our mission is to preserve and grow our clients’ wealth in a way that fits a decentralised and digital future. The financial system is going to change radically in the coming years, driven by the innovative crypto domain, among others. At AMDAX, we see that this change affects everyone, which is why we want to make this emerging market extremely accessible.

With over a decade of experience in the crypto domain, our team is uniquely positioned to guide clients through the realm of digital currencies. We serve clients across the spectrum; individuals, corporations, family offices, and financial institutions.

Into the future with AMDAX

Personalised service
Both private and corporate clients can rely on AMDAX. We provide access to market information and investment opportunities for bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies. Our service is always tailored to the personal preference of the client and the latest developments in the market.

Extensive range of crypto services
With us, you can store cryptoassets safely and free of charge, buy and sell various cryptocurrencies, invest in various crypto investment products or fully outsource the management of your cryptoassets to one of our experts.

Barrier free bitcoin
Bitcoin is the financial technology of the future. Because we believe everyone should be able to invest in it, and it is a must-have addition to any investment portfolio, we have set the cost of buying bitcoin to zero.

Professional infrastructure
We use a distributed transaction signing method. Thus, the key that gives access to the funds is never stored in a single place. In addition, it is always possible to carry out a trade immediately, without maximum trade size or trade interruptions.

Registered crypto service provider

On 21 May 2020, new legislation on crypto-regulation entered into force in the Netherlands. The legislation is based on the European Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD5), which focuses on the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing. At AMDAX, everything is done to the letter of the law, and we keep a close eye on new developments. It is not a coincidence that AMDAX was the first company to be registered with De Nederlandsche Bank.

Trust and experience

In 2019, AMDAX was founded on a fundamental belief in the promise of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Since then, developments have followed each other in rapid succession. In 2020, we expanded our services to include private investement management by acquiring BurgerCrypto, and in April 2021, we reached the milestone of 100 million euros in Assets Under Management (AUM).

A career at AMDAX

AMDAX is growing fast: within two years we want to hire over a hundred employees. We believe cryptocurrencies are going to radically change the financial system. We want to be the pioneer that gives substance to the concept of crypto services on a European scale. The route towards this is the challenge of the coming years. Do you want to be part of it?