Our vision

A new financial system

All experts agree: the current financial system is on its last legs. The question is not if, but when a new crisis will occur. We do not believe in renewing the system that got us here, but in a radical overhaul, in which bitcoin plays a key role. The future is decentralised.

Our vision

Bitcoin is changing the world

For more and more people, our monetary system is showing cracks. Saving is no longer worthwhile, while the things people put money aside for are rapidly becoming more expensive. Monetary policy is becoming more extreme. Interest rates are negative and central banks are buying up trillions in loans.

Bitcoin is digital and sovereign money; it exists independently of any government, central bank, or commercial enterprise. It is controlled by the collective that makes sure everyone sticks to the rules. Therefore there is no central party that can increase the money supply. It is not surprising then that bitcoin is also referred to as ‘digital gold’.

Bitcoin is the first and the largest in a new asset class and now has 200 million users worldwide and a market value of one trillion dollars. In recent years, significant steps have been taken towards a professional financial infrastructure, so that even large sums can be securely purchased and stored.

For some, bitcoin represents an exceptional opportunity, where the potential profit far outweighs the potential loss. For others, it is an early investment in the technology of the future. At a time when there are fewer and fewer opportunities to preserve or grow wealth, bitcoin is an indispensable addition to any investment portfolio.

Ever fewer risks

In recent years, many risks have been eliminated at a technical and legal level. The market risk has also shrunk considerably; the liquidity is now sufficient to trade with hundreds of millions of dollars. Nevertheless, investing in cryptoassets is still far from risk-free. It requires technical knowledge, market insight, and the expertise to assess the quality of different assets.

We see it as our task to minimise the risks for our clients. We do this, for example, by carefully selecting the assets on offer, adhering to the highest standards, and providing our customers with personal guidance and direction on how to move towards a decentralised and digital future.

What does future-proof banking look like?

We believe that cryptocurrencies will become a trusted part of the local and international financial systems. The financial institute of the future has embedded bitcoin storage, savings, and payments as well as investments in other cryptoassets in its services. AMDAX is leading the way in this respect.

We want to make bitcoin and other digital assets a logical part of our daily lives. Buying and storing without barriers and costs. Trading, saving, and investing at the touch of a button with expert guidance at our fingertips. And why not take out a loan with bitcoin as collateral or link a debit card to a crypto account in the future?